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Why I Own Only One Electric Guitar

I would describe myself as a minimalist. It doesn't mean I do not own stuff. It means I am conscientious about what I own. I want everything I own and use to bring true value in my life.

And I realized that there was truly only one guitar that brought value and joy to me.

Only one that I always came back to. Only one that I was using 95% of the time. The other 5% I was using my other guitars only because I felt guilt that they were great guitars left untouched...

So I sold them and only kepy my white strat.

Does it mean I'll only have one electric guitar for my whole life? No! Maybe I'll need a backup for live shows someday (I play keyboards live at the moment).

Maybe I will want to change my sound someday with a different guitar. But at the moment, one is just perfect for my needs.

Don't get me wrong: maybe YOUR needs are different. If you have a collection of 10 electric guitars and you play with all of them, you love them, you appreciate their details and tonal differences, they bring you joy; one is a backup during live shows, another is for a different tuning, one is to play country, the other is to play metal ... then, perfect! Keep them!

But I am here today to make you reflect on that.

Which gear you own brings value to you? Do you own more just because it feels good to own more? Do you truly use every one of your guitars? Do they all have a purpose?

Watch this video to expand on this reflection!


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