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Which reverb pedal is better: Strymon BigSky or Neunaber Illumine?

This is a comparison demo between the Strymon Big Sky and the Neunaber Illumine reverb pedals.

At the same price point and offering similar functions, those 2 pedals are clearly in the market to get a spot on your pedalboard as the ultimate ‘’swiss army knife’’ reverb pedal to cover all your ambient guitar reverb needs and more!

But which one should you choose: the Big Sky or the Illumine?

This video is going to answer this question by comparing both the Strymon and the Neunaber reverbs through several criterias (ease of use, variety of modes, sound quality, tweakability, number of presets, functions, etc).

Hopefully you will have a better idea which one is for you at the end of this video!

Click on the video above to watch!






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