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What is a Partscaster?

Are you looking to buy or trade for a new guitar, and you get offered a Partscaster. But exactly is a partscaster?

In this video, I explain what is the definition of a partscaster: at what point the modifications on the guitar are considered partcaster or not? The pickups, electronic, neck? 

Quick advice when buying a partscaster:

1 - Know what you are getting, make some research about the parts to see if ther're good and if it makes sense (it would be a bummer to just get a Squier in return when you think you're getting a much better guitar)

2 - Those guitar are harder to sell! The value is unclear, and people can be skeptical if there are no number series or other details that help us identify the guitar. 

3 - Try it before you buy it! Since the neck was changed or other structural parts of the guitar, make sure that it plays comfortably!

Good luck with you new purchase!


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