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Top Chords of The Beatles on the album Abbey Road (ULTIMATE Guitar Lesson!)

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In this lesson fully packed with value, I will analyze most songs on the iconic album ''Abbey Road'' from ''The Beatles'' and show you all the best chord progressions and chord shapes we can find on that album.

We'll study how to use:
- Chords from parallel keys & relative keys
- Chromatic movements in chord changes 
- Secondary dominants in 3 different ways
- Pedal tones
- Augmented chords
- Deceptive cadences...

A MONSTER lesson to show you that The Beatles are the kings of awesome chord progressions! Hope you will enjoy!

0:00 Intro
0:53 Come Together
2:58 Something
6:17 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
9:36 Oh Darling
13:18 I want you (she's so heavy)
15:29 Here Comes The Sun
17:50 Because
20:54 You Never Give Me Your Money
25:00 Sun King
26:28 The End
27:41 Free course (my gift to you!)




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