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This Simple Pattern Tells You Every Chord In Every Key

I've met with an old guitar teacher of mine recently, and he taught me this simple pattern that is a real game changer!

With it you can figure out what are the chords in any Major or minor keys!

Usually, if you want to learn all chords, you have to study harmonization by knowing all the notes on the fretboard, knowing your tone semi-tone scale sequences, memorization the order of chord structures...

But this easy pattern does it all for you!

You can instantly know where are your Major, minor and diminished chords in your key within seconds.

If you know how to play a power chord with 2 fingers, you can already do that stuff!

This is going to be a trick I will teach a lot to my future students and especially beginners who want to start building their own chord progressions even if they don't have all the basics mastered yet.

Find out what it is by watching the video above!

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