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TC Electronic Ditto x4 vs. Boomerang III Phrase Sampler

Here is an in-depth review of 2 of the best loopers out there, especially for ambient guitar: the TC Electronic Ditto x4 and the Boomerang III Phrase Sampler.

In this video, I am demonstrating some functions, but mostly I am stating the pros and cons of each pedal to help you make the right decision with your purchase.

Here's a summary:

Boomerang Pros:
- 3&4 possible loops
- Independent controls of each channel
- Fade time knob
- Easier accessibility to play styles

Boomerang Cons:
- Design & switches
- Audible clicks
- Effects are not applied instantly

Ditto x4 Pros:
- Accessibility (better: switches, knobs, angle of the pedal)
- More variety of effects
- Basic functions under you feet (1 click, 2 clicks, hold, etc).
- Effects are applied instantly
- Better price

Ditto x4 cons:
- Only 2 loops
- Play styles harder to reach
- Clumsy controls (easy to mess up)
- No fade time control
- No independent control on effects

My personnal favorite is the Boomerang, because the fade time control, easy accessibility to play styles and independent control on channels is very important for my style of playing.

It's a clear winner for me, but the Dittox4 has a lot more advantages!

Watch the video above for a more in-depth comparison. 


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