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Strymon Iridium vs. Real Amps for Ambient Guitar (test)

Can the Strymon Iridium recreate my real amps faithfully?

Let's find out by testing it!

I've never found any amp simulation that I liked as much as my real amps.

I usually love amp sim for overdriven and distorted tones, but not so much for clean tones.

So in this test, I rerecorded my most recent ambient guitar song, this time using the Strymon Iridium plugged directly into my audio interface.

Since my setup is based on a Vox AC15 with Celestion Blue speaker, I chose the 'Chime' mode and 'Cab B' on the Strymon Iridium which is the closest to my setup.

What do you think? Does it pass the test?

Click on the video above to watch the video and compare!





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