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Strymon El Capistan Sound on Sound Looper (Complete Demo)

The Strymon El Capistan can be a wonderful Tape Looper! There are a lot of functions to understand in order to use the looper at its full capacity.

I cover all functions and give you some tips in this complete lesson.

Browse the video by section:
0:00 - Intro
0:18 - How to enter in Sound on Sound mode
0:27 - The particularity of the Single Tape Head
2:20 - Repeats and mix knob (best settings)
3:29 - How to splice the loop
4:36 - Turning overdubs on and off
5:56 - Trails vs. Non-trails mode
6:42 - Loop speed effects & recording time
7:42 - Superimposing speeds
8:54 - Secondary Functions (for a clean loop)
9:54 - Loop degradation effects (the good stuff!)
12:54 - Tip regarding loop duration
13:36 - Pedal placement in your chain and how it affects looping
15:34 - Outro



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