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Pro Songwriting Chord Move (everyone should learn)

In this lesson, I’m going to show you a chord move that all the pro songwriters and composers are using.

If you’re not using this principle yet, it’s going to make a big positive difference in your chord progressions once you apply it!

This move is called: the deceptive cadence.

It’s when the note of your melody resolves where it is expected, but the chord underneath doesn’t. It resolves on another chord that works, but that isn’t the obvious choice.

Doing that allows you to gain forward momentum in your song, make a song that is not too predictable and have chord progressions that just flow nicer.

We are going to test a few deceptive cadence options in this lesson on top of the main melody to find out which chords can replace common chord progressions.

I’m also going to show you a suprising example using a chord outside the key!

Click on the video above to watch the lesson!






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