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Immerse vs. Immerse Mk II by Neunaber (in-depth reverb comparison)

Here is an in-depth comparison between the original Neunaber Immerse and the new Immerse Mk II.

The Immerse Mk II has a ton of new features:
- Mix knob goes to 100% wet.
- Updated design and graphics
- New algorithms with optimized delay times for smoother and deeper reverbs
- The net W3T algorithm
- New sustain mode that allows you to freeze your reverb and get an infinite decay
- New optimized shimmer reverb combining and improving shimmer A and shimmer B of the previous Immerse pedal
- Increased headroom
- Improved switches

I truly believe this is the best reverb pedal from Neunaber to date.

I highly recommend this pedal! I think this demo speaks for itself: the sounds are outstanding and very musical.


0:21 Overview of the features on the Mk II
3:22 Wet reverb comparison
6:52 Hall reverb comparison
8:46 The new Sustain mode
12:07 Shimmer reverb comparison
14:46 Mix knobs comparison
16:22 Pre-delay knob on the W3T algorithm
17:29 Conclusion
18:24 Where to get your Immerse Mk II



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