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How To Play Cascading Cluster Chords like Tosin Abasi

I was so intrigued to find how to play the beautiful cascading cluster chords that Tosin Abasi shared recently on Instagram.

It looks difficult to play, but it turns out this is not as bad as it looks!

We are going to talk about cluster chords: what they are and what makes them great.

Then, we will cover the hybrid-sweep technique Tosin uses for this part.

Hopefully this video will give you fresh ideas on how you could play original chords similar to what we hear in Animals as Leaders.

I absolutely don't pretend to know how Tosin Abasi composes music and I am not even 2% the innovative guitar he is. But I thought nonetheless that I could share this stuff to the benefit of other people too.

Click on the video above to listen to the lesson!

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