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How To Play Ambient Guitar Swells (FULL tutorial)

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I am very happy to announce this new video series where I will be teaching all the basics on how to play ambient guitar music.

This first video is a tutorial on how to create great ambient guitar swells.

We'll cover the differences between techniques and the settings needed on your delay and reverb pedals. I will also give you my rule for perfect ambient swell length and will demonstrate it on top of 2 song ideas of different lengths.

0:00 What are ambient swells?
0:30 Intro (new ambient guitar tutorial series!)
0:56 Volume knob vs. Volume pedal
2:03 Which type of volume pedal to get
2:44 Technique (late, early or perfect swell motions)
4:44 Placement of the volume pedal
5:32 Why you need delay AND reverb
6:52 Best settings for delay/reverb
9:24 Perfect swell length (song example 1)
12:17 Counterexample (chords masking each other)
13:19 Perfect swell length (song example 2)
15:16 The pull back up technique





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