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Don’t play your MINOR Chords this way either (try them like this instead)

In this follow up lesson to my ‘’Don’t play Major chords this way’’ video from a few days ago, I'm showing you Minor chord shapes that you can use to get smoother voice leading (meaning that each note moves as little as possible to the next chord).

*If you haven’t seen the Major chord video, you can find it here:

Minor chords are trickier, because most of the alternative shapes we find to our regular barre chords end up being unusable or are not very practical.

In this video, we will cover:
- Finding all our options with the CAGED system with our minor chords first;
- Then, opening a whole new world by exploring inversions for our minor chords;
- And lastly, I will show you a beautiful and smooth 8-chord progression using both minor and major chords!

If you practice this chord progression and these chord inversions, you can improve your finger independence so much of the fretboard!

Hope you will enjoy this lesson as well! (click on the video above to watch)






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