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Does Gear Matter? (more nuance into the debate)

Does gear matter?

Or is it only the musician behind the instrument that matters?

Whenever I hear people on both sides of this argument, I find it lacks a lot of nuance.

So here is my take: No it's not JUST the musician, or JUST the gear that makes a difference. Both are actually important in their own way!

Yes, Joe Satriani can make a cheap guitar sound incredible, but I'm sure if you were to ask him if he would recommend this guitar for someone to learn, be comfortable and be inspired to play... let's say he would have some reserves :-)

And it's not a matter of price. You just need to find gear that is going to inspire you to practice more, motivate you and make you WANT to play.

If you don't, practicing becomes irrelevant, because it's something you will not enjoy doing.

Gear only becomes bad for you when it becomes an excuse or an obsession.

But for most people, it's actually a door for more possibilities, creativity and motivation.

I discuss this in the video and more! Click to above to watch it.


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