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Difference Between Reverb Types - Room, Hall, Spring, Plate

In this video, I show you the difference between 4 of the most popular reverb types: room, hall, spring, plate.

I make the comparison using the Strymon Big Sky and the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb.

While the differences can get very technical and complicated, we will basically focus on 2 parameters: the initial reflections & the body of the reverb.

The differences are subtle, but are still very important to be aware of when choosing the best reverb type for the part you are playing.

Some types are better as an ''always-on'' base to your sound (Room, Spring), while some other are better as an effect on certain parts of the song (Hall, Plate).

Some reverbs are also emulating natural echoes (Room, Hall), while some others are manmade (Sping, Plate) with vibrating springs or metal sheets.

With so much tweakability on the parameters, it's possible to make some types of reverb sound different from what they were intended for, but it's still important to know the essence of all reverb types to make the best decisions.

Hope you will enjoy this comparison and learn something! 


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