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Chords To Practice On Guitar If You Can't Use One Of Your Fingers

If you can't use one of your fingers to play guitar for any reason (permanent or temporary injury, condition from birth, severe case of trigger finger, arthritis or just if it hurts), then this lesson is for you.

If Django Reinhardt could still become a guitar icon after an accident that left him with only 2 well functioning fingers on the fretboard, you can play guitar too!

So I hurt my finger before making this lesson and it's now all swollen and I can't apply pressure on it. I took it as an opportunity to show you which chords I would practice in this scenario.

They are going to be very helpful chords to use when I regain the ability to use my injured finger, or if you can't, they also sound great with a capo.

Click on the video above to start the lesson.





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