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10 Picking Exercises for Ambient Guitar Chords (alternate, hybrid, sweep, skipping, fingerpicking)

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In this lesson, I'm going to show you 10 picking exercises to improve and add more picking variety with your ambient guitar chords.

We're going to see: alternate picking, fingerpicking, string skipping, muting techniques, hybrid picking, sweep picking and combinations of all of those!

This is actually some premium content that I made for my students last year, but I decided to make this available to all my subscribers for free on YouTube!

0:00 Tabs available!
1:18 Learn the chords first
4:15 Picking Pattern 1
6:45 Picking Pattern 2
8:55 Picking Pattern 3
12:30 Picking Pattern 4
18:10 Picking Pattern 5
20:51 Picking Pattern 6
23:06 Picking Pattern 7
26:27 Picking Pattern 8
29:26 Picking Pattern 9
31:33 Picking Pattern 10
34:08 Download the tabs!




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