Create magical worlds with your guitar by turning visual scenery into unique musical atmospheres 

Discover ‘‘Landscape To Soundscape’’: a unique online course showing you how to write musical ambience for images and scenery with your guitar - creating desertic, snowy, aquatic, outer space atmospheres and more!


Antoine Michaud

Hi I’m Antoine Michaud - YouTube guitar teacher to my 100k+ subscribers, touring musician for Canadian progressive rock band Mystery, and founder of Ambient Guitar Academy.

Discover the art of writing scenic music
(and why it is different than regular songwriting)

I have always been a fan of movie and video game music. 

What they both have in common is their ability to pair the sense of of sight with the sense of hearing

But writing music for images is tricky, because you have to be able to:

  1. Turn visual elements into music (which requires a great deal of creativity and knowledge of music theory)
  2. Deal with conventions that make us expect certain scales/styles/sounds 
    For example, there's a good chance that a composer trying to score a desert scene will end up using the Phrygian Dominant scale or some variation of it, the sound of wind blowing sand in your face, and sitar-like textures with micro-bends.

    If you listen to a lot of desert music, they ALL have these elements!


And that's the problem: it takes an extraordinary ear to extract all of these conventions by yourself

  • You might not know what the Phrygian Dominant scale is, or the Dorian mode (or the Pentagonaxian half augmentinished scale!)

  • And even if you knew, you might not be able to recognize them easily by ear. 

  • And I'm not even talking about how analyzing hundreds of songs to find recurring patterns is VERY time consuming! 

  • So is it not possible to write awesome and accurate scenic music without being a music theory major, then?

That's when my expertise comes to the rescue!

I spent hundreds of hours analyzing the musical conventions of certain scenes and landscapes - so that you don't have to.

And I am finally ready to share all my discoveries with you today. 


A unique online course showing you how to turn visual scenery into musical ambience just by using your electric guitar. With the use of the right modes, textures and sound effects, you'll be able to score scenes for desert, snow, underwater, outer space landscapes and more!

Here’s what’s included in Landscape To Soundscape:


MODULE 1 – Scorching Desert
MODULE 2 – Ice Cave
MODULE 3 – Underwater World
MODULE 4 – Outer Space
MODULE 5 – Abandoned Factory
MODULE 6 – Apocalyptic World
MODULE 7 – Seaside Café
MODULE 8 – Haunted House
MODULE 9 – Medieval Town
OUTRO – Going Beyond: 3 Guidelines To Create More Unique Musical Scenes Of Your Own

  • WORKBOOK: a 36-pages workbook that recaps all the things you need to recreate your own original scenes: modes/scale positions, tabs, effects settings and techniques to create sound effects in all styles and scenes.

And the best thing: all you need is your electric guitar. We'll create EVERYTHING with it. No need to learn other instruments!

This course will give you tons of ideas on how to use your electric guitar in ways you have never explored before!

Now, you won't be stuck creating just happy or sad ambience... you'll be able to create a whole new world with your music and make your listeners travel to far away places!

I'll show you how to create musical scenery with these 3 elements

Music Theory

Choosing the right notes is crucial to get exactly the right mood we want. Don't worry if you're confused with modes, I'll provide clear charts to follow!


It's all about twisting our guitar effects to get creative sounds & convert physical representations into musical equivalents (I'll help you do that!)

Sound Effects

We'll even explore a world outside of musical notes by creating with our guitar the sound of wind, water, thunder, fire, ghosts and even robots! 

After watching Landscape To Soundscape, you will be able to score music for all kinds of different scenes... just with your electric guitar! 

+ how to create more original scenes of your own!

This is the kind of stuff you can usually only learn in masterclasses by movie music composers 

I've had friends spend $1000+ on masterclasses with famous movie music composers (for example: Dany Elfman). 

It's very costly - and from what they told me, very little time is spent on the nitty-gritty of music theory, modes, effects and such. It's usually more high-level composing stuff (which is also very useful, but it's not what we're looking for here!). 

I really believe that what I created here is a unique online course that you can't find anywhere else. 

When you type ''how to write scenic music'' on Google, nothing relevant comes out - free or paid. 

So I could have charged a super premium price for such a unique offering. 

But my goal is to make this knowledge accessible as possible to people like you who want to write amazing music and ambience. 

So that's why I priced the course at $247.

It's just a no-brainer if you're into this type of guitar creation 😊 

Get instant access to Landscape To Soundscape!



 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

Image result for 60 days money back guarantee

My course guarantee is very simple:

  • You get 60 days to watch the course, and if you are not happy with your purchase, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you a full refund.

  • You don’t need to justify why you didn’t like it. Just ask for the refund and you’ll get it. No questions asked, no endless chains of emails, no need to give proofs that you did the work. That’s how I would personally like to get a refund myself, so that's what I offer!

  • That makes the purchase risk-free, because you have an easy way out if it ends up not being the right fit. I put all the risk on myself so that you don’t have to take any risks.

I hope that's fair to you :-)

Also - I included exclusive bonuses...

BONUS #1: Moods & Modes chart

To help you use the right scales and music theory when writing more of your own scenes, I prepared an extra cheat sheet that I call: Moods & Modes. 

At a quick glance, you'll be able to see which kind of scales/modes to use for the kind of mood you want to create with your music. 

Each one comes with an easy-to-reference scale diagram, so you'll never be stuck having to go search for extra diagrams online to learn the modes!

BONUS #2: In-The-Box Sound Crafting Training

In the course, I am using guitar pedals (delay, reverb, octaver, distortion and modulation pedals) to craft the sounds.

But if ever you don't have all of these pedals, or if you don't have any guitar pedals at all, I wanted to make sure that you could benefit immensely from this course!

That's why I created an entire bonus training on how to recreate all the sounds we've seen in the course in any basic recording software - with stock plugins. 

No need to invest in $1000+ of guitar pedals - you'll be able to learn how to do that for free inside of your recording software. Amazing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a recap of what you get today with Landscape To Soundscape:

  • The full 6h online course Landscape To Soundscape showing you how to turn visual scenery into unique ambience (9 modules: desert, underwater, outer space and more!)

  • Full 36-pages workbook of the course that contains scales, tabs, effects settings and techniques to create sound effects with your guitar. 

  • BONUS #1: Modes & Moods chart - a cheat sheet to quickly know which kind of modes to use for the moods you're going for when writing your music.  

  • BONUS #2: In-The-Box Sound Crafting Training - how to recreate all the sounds we've seen in the course in any basic recording software - with stock plugins. 

You can get all of this for only one payment of $247!

 Landscape To Soundscape is now open for enrollment!


No more writing just happy or sad music... there's a world of possibilities to discover!

What most guitar teachers are going to show you, is how to write songs in Major or minor, thus only making variations upon variations on that same old ''happy or sad'' take. 

If you ask me, that's sad! (pun intended).

There is so much more nuance and possibilities in making music, so many different shades to explore:

  • You can turn a seemingly simple series of notes into a real voyage to the vastness of outer space.

  • Or you can make your listeners feel the heat and thirst of a scorching desert with a careful selection of textures, scales and sound effects.

  • Or you can make them shiver under a cold gust of winter wind... all thanks to your guitar creation abilities!

All it takes are the right ingredients (the right scales, the right textures and the right sound effects) and you can create magic.

And good news: it's not that complicated!

Let me be your guide
: enroll in Landscape To Soundscape today and unlock a wonderful world of scenic creation on guitar!


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Landscape To Soundscape


  • The full 6h online course Landscape To Soundscape
  • Workbook recap of all 9 modules
  • BONUS #1: Moods & Modes chart
  • BONUS #2: In-the-box sound crafting training
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