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Why Playing Incomplete Chords Is Better

All the chords we first learn on guitar are complete chords with stacked triads of 1-3-5. And most of the times, chord progressions we learn and use perfectly fit within the same key.

The result is that we have to improvise, create melodies and play leads in the same scales, and we can't add any ''spicy'' notes without creating ugly frictions.

What if I said that playing incomplete chords is actually the way to go?

What if purposefully leaving important notes out of our chord progressions could actually give us more freedom to add the spices and colors we want in our music?

In this lesson, I'm showing you why and how playing incomplete chords can actually be a good thing on guitar and I'm giving musical examples of how the same exact ''neutral'' chord progression can create a variety of different moods, from uplifting to eerie.

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