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Is The Gear Acquisition Syndrome a Phase You Have To Go Through To Find The Gear You Like?

In this follow up video to my ''7 Steps To Cure Gear Acquisition Syndrome'' (which you can listen to here: https://youtu.be/ezATWGs27ts)

I'm replying to an argument that I kept seeing in the comment section of that video, which says that GAS can be good for you, because it helps you discover what you like and don't like with gear.

In this video, we are exploring:

- The differences between acquiring gear and having an obession/syndrome/addiction with gear
- When do you know you have GAS or not

How to rid get of the ''syndrome'' part of this problem beyond just reduce being exposed to what makes you crave for more gear:

TIP #1 - Make music with every single piece of gear you own
TIP #2 - Go to a real music store to try the gear you want
TIP #3 - Embrace boredom
TIP #4 - Schedule practice time and turn off internet

I hope this follow up video will give you even more insights in your fight against the Gear Acquisition Syndrome!





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