What if you could turn any small idea on guitar into a beautiful & cinematic ambient guitar looping song every single time?

Learn the exact songwriting formula that allowed me to write and release one new ambient guitar looping song every month for the last 8 years!


Antoine Michaud

Hi I’m Antoine Michaud - ambient guitar artist on Youtube, touring musician for Canadian progressive rock band Mystery, and founder of Ambient Guitar Academy.

0 ambient songs and no confidence…

In 2010, I decided to quit my rock band, to pursue starting my own solo ambient guitar project.

And between 2010 and 2013, I did exactly… nothing.

When I sat down to write my ambient guitar music, I found some small musical ideas, but I wasn't able to flesh them out into full songs.

For 3 years, I felt completely stuck.

The more I sat down to write my ambient guitar music, the more I fed this negative feedback loop. I started to believe that I just wasn’t able to write a full song and that ideas would simply collect dust in my hard drive.

And one day, I realized what was preventing me from being a good ambient guitar songwriter.

I was waiting for something to happen instead of taking responsibility for improving my songwriting skills and finishing my songs!

So I started being proactive and working in a very tangible way on my ambient guitar songwriting:

I focused on learning one new skill at a time:

  • Trying new song structures
  • Exploring ways of setting up my pedals to create new sounds
  • Learning and applying arrangement techniques
  • Taking the time to know my looper pedal inside-out
  • Writing one good backbone guitar part without looking ahead too much

And when I merged all of my new skills together, I had everything that I needed to write great ambient guitar songs. To turn any small idea into a complete product.

I created a system for myself.

A system that allowed me to quickly make decisions regarding the structure of my songs, arrangement, pedal settings, looping techniques, choosing layers for my loops, and more.

That way I could focus on the musical ideas alone, and my songs would litterally write themselves.

That complicated puzzle that is ambient guitar songwriting became a very effective and focused process that still allows me to this day to build an audience and inspire tens of thousands of subscribers every week on my Youtube channel.


If like me, you are also stuck with small ideas but can't seem to create full ambient guitar songs, then you are in luck!

I want you to finally realize your ambient guitar songwriting potential and write songs you will be proud of. So I took my whole songwriting formula, which I spent years to develop, and packaged it in a repeatable system.


Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula

A proven, effective system that turns any small idea into a full-blown, soul-touching ambient guitar looping song and makes you finish your songs every single time you sit down to write music.

The Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula is an online course that focuses on all the key elements of writing ambient guitar looping songs through 7 unique learning modules.

It’s the ultimate toolkit to understand every detail on how to write ambient songs.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll learn inside the 7 modules of the Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula online course:

Module 1 – Songwriting Habits & Mindsets

  • Understanding the 2 different states of songwriting (crucial to unlock your songwriting potential).
  • Training our songwriting muscles with a regular exercise. 
  • 5 Approaches to write outstanding song ideas (never be stuck in a songwriting session again)
  • 4 proven methods to start your ambient songs.

Module 2 – Song Foundations (Case Studies)

  • Analysing songs from popular ambient guitar Youtubers (Chords of Orion, Andy Othling, Perry Frank, and yours truly)
  • Finding how they wrote the foundation of their songs and built around it (this gives you crazy good insight on how they came up with their songs and which techniques they used). 
  • Analysing: the riff method, the sound method, the chord progression method, the experimental method. 
  • Feature from one secret guest, an ambient guitar Youtuber on how to create out-of-the-box ambient guitar soundscapes.


Module 3 – Creating Textures

  • Finally understand all the fundamentals on how to create rich and lush textures with guitar pedals.
  • Covering: pad textures, sustained textures, swells, drones, range expanding textures, satured textures, pulsating textures and more!
  • All techniques are based on the principles, regardless of the pedals you have (which is HUGE, because Youtube demos usually focus on the single pedal used instead of the principles).  


Module 4 – Master The Looper

  • Choosing the right looper pedal for your need (complete guide)
  • How to use looper built-in effects in our songs.
  • Understanding and using looping modes (Serial, Sync, Free)
  • How to play using an advanced hybrid looping style.
  • How to record seamless loops and play with volume dynamics to create more engaging parts.


Module 5 – Ambient Song Structures

I analysed and extracted the 7 most used song structures for ambient guitar and explain all of them in details with musical examples:

  • 1 – The Stack & Fade
  • 2 – The Removal
  • 3 – The Expectations Defier
  • 4 – The Two-Sided
  • 5 – The Lonely
  • 6 – The Independent
  • 7 – The Ever-evolving


Module 6 – Arrangement & Layering Techniques

In this critical part of the course, we look at all the little details to apply that make the difference between an amateur and pro sounding ambient guitar song:

  • The key step before performing your ambient looping song.
  • The 6 Building Blocks of Ambient Guitar Layers
  • Arranging with a textural orchestration mindset
  • Creating maximum separation for crystal clear loops


Module 7 – Bringing It All Together

In this section, I reveal my 9-step formula to successfully write and finish your ambient songs every single time, starting from any small idea. 

But it doesn’t end there. I literally follow this exact formula live in front of you for 30 minutes so you can see how I apply this 9-steps method in real life. I write a whole song live in front of you by using the formula you’ve learned so you can see it in action.  

You can enter in my own head and understand each decision I make when writing an ambient song and how I write it from start to finish. It’s super valuable!

And the best thing is that you can repeat this process for all your future songs. Say goodbye to writer's block! 

"This course really opened my eyes on a lot of elements I was missing about creating ambient guitar songs. Especially looping and structuring my songs. Seeing you write a full song and explain what you did, and also the real case studies really helped clarify the process for me. I think this is the big strength of your course, Antoine, because I really learn more by examples and not just by theory. I wrote my first real ambient sketch last week and I’m very excited about making more! Thank you so much!!"

Kevin B.
Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula Student

This course is for you if...

► You are listening to ambient guitar videos on Youtube and telling yourself:

‘’How can it be so beautiful? How can I replicate that? How I can I write and play like that too?’’

► You are trying to make your own ambient songs, but it's just not working like you want. 

► You know me from my Youtube channel and you would like to do write songs like I do.

► You can't seem to write more than small ideas and would like to learn how to make full songs

And it is NOT for you if...

► You are already comfortable writing some music & ambience with your looper pedal and are just looking for a little polish (this course might feel too highly descriptive).

► You are not that much into ambient guitar (what are you doing here?)

Learning through a mentor is the best way you can improve faster.

If you don’t have any guidance, you’re going to search for answers in the dark on how to finally make the ambient guitar songs of your dreams.

It’s a chance for you to learn and watch me dissect every part of an ambient guitar song. There will be no secrets for you after going through my course.

And because such a privileged access to a mentor is so insightful, songwriters can easily charge $1000+ for songwriting retreats or ''experiences''.

They focus on the whole ''experience'' to justify charging a premium for sharing their hard earned songwriting secrets. Meeting them in person; nice hotels and restaurants; access to their studio; tour of the city; merch items....

But when I decided to package my entire formula into an online course that anyone could follow at their own pace, without all the extra bells and whistles, just solid information and training, I wanted to make it more accessible.

And that's why...

You can get access to the Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula course for one payment of $297

My Commitment To Your Success

Usually, online course creators give some kind of 30-days money-back guarantee to make your purchase risk-free. You try it for a month, and if ever you're not satisfied or if it's not for you, you can get all of your money back. Awesome!

However, I am taking an extra step with this course...

I give you a full, unlimited guarantee!

If ever after taking this course you still can't finish your ambient guitar songs and you're not proud of the music you are creating, I will give you your money back, ANYTIME!

2 days after purchase, 30 days, 6 months, 1 year... I don't care!

What I do care about is your success! I want you to experience the joy of feeling like your songs are improving from day to day. I want you to feel in complete control of your creation process with all of my tips and guidance. I want you to write ambient songs freely and finally unlock your true potential.

And if ever, at any point, you feel like this course hasn't helped you in that quest, just send me a quick email and I will give all of your money back, no time limit. That's how commited I am to your success!

Also, if you sign up for Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula today, you will get some exclusive bonuses:

BONUS #1: 
3 Ambient Songs Masterclass Walkthroughs

Along with the entire formula I'm sharing in this online course, I've also thrown not 1, not 2, but 3 entire ambient guitar song walkthroughs!

In these 1h videos, I'm showing you how to play 3 different ambient songs entirely:

- Made of Stardust (Antoine Michaud)
- Interstellar Main Theme Ambient Guitar Cover (Hans Zimmer)
- Ambient Song #22 (Andy Othling)

It includes tabs, looping techniques, pedals settings and I basically explain how to play them from A to Z!

BONUS #2: 
6-Months Songwriting Blueprint (course)

When you will get comfortable writing your songs, the next step is going to be releasing a full EP or album! 

This bonus course is meant to be your complete roadmap to release your album in 6 months with plenty of over-the-shoulder tutorials to help you with all aspects of this project:

  • What tasks to do every single month, from making rough drafts, to recording, mixing and planning the promotion... every step is covered!
  • How to hire a designer and get a great album cover art in under 5 days
  • How to get your music on Spotify, ITunes and all important streaming platforms
  • How to use crowdfunding to succesfully fund your album (and a case study of how I went 212% over my financial goals)
  • ...and a lot more tutorials like that!

This is going to be invaluable and will remove all guess work from self-producing your own album!

"If you are really serious about learning the art of ambient guitar and want to learn how to write your own songs, you should definitely check out Antoine's songwriting class. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you need to know on how to write an ambient song is right here."

John J.
Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula student.

So here’s what you’re getting with Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula:

  • Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula online course (7 modules) teaching you how to write your own ambient songs. 
  • Workbook of the course (contains module recaps, pedal settings, songwriting challenges and more helpful resources)
  • BONUS #1: 3 full Ambient Songs Masterclass Walkthroughs (1H each)
  • BONUS #26 Months-Songwriting Blueprint online course to give you a roadmap on how to self-produce your own album at home under 6 months. 

Get started with the Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula course today!

Imagine how many great songs you’d be able to write if you knew exactly what to do each step of the way.

In just a month from now you could start building a portfolio of songs on a Youtube channel and build an audience! 

Or you could do a mini ambient guitar concert for your friends and family with only original songs of yours!

Gone are the days of:

‘’- Hey, play something for us on guitar, brother!
  - Hum… I really don’t know what to play. Sorry…
  - What about that relaxing music you keep talking about?
  - Yeah, hum… I don’t really have something to play in this style yet… ’’

If you can write songs and make a mini-concert they will be so impressed that you wrote all of that yourself!

Or you could finally start that album or EP you’re always wanted to make!
Since your songs are going to almost write themselves with your songwriting system, you will have plenty of material to make an outstanding collection of songs!

You can do this! I'm going to give you the entire formula that will finally unlock songwriting for you. 

See you in the course, my friend!


Get Instant Access to Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula!



Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula (7 modules)

Entire Course Workbook 

3 Full Ambient Songs Masterclass Walkthroughs (1h each)

6-Months Songwriting Blueprint bonus online course 




Ambient Guitar Songwriting Formula (7 modules)

Entire Course Workbook 

3 Full Ambient Songs Masterclass Walkthroughs (1h each)

6-Months Songwriting Blueprint bonus online course 


Frequently Asked Questions

When you enroll, you have access to all of it, instantly! If you want to binge-watch all modules or rather take your time each week, it's all up to you. I want you to go at your own pace!

You have a lifetime access to this course! I never restrict access to my courses. 

I recommend a looper, reverb and delay pedal. If you have other pedals, it's nice, but it's not entirely necessary. The goal is not to make you crave for a thousand more guitar pedals, but rather to inspire you to take action RIGHT NOW with what you already have and start making music!

Yes, and it's even better than any regular guarantee! I offer a UNLIMITED guarantee. If after taking this course, you feel you still can't write stunning ambient guitar looping songs, I will refund your money ANYTIME! After 5 days, 30 days, 6 months, 1 year... I don't care! What I do care, is that you are able to write beautiful songs and be proud of what you have created, and I will do everything in my power to help you achieve this goal. If I fail, you get your money back whenever you want. That's how commited I am to your success!


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