Learn how to create beautiful and memorable guitar melodies that will make people want to listen to your songs over and over again

...without spending any time drawing notes on a piano roll, learning how to read sheet music or studying music theory more than is needed.


From the home studio of Antoine Michaud - Montréal, Québec:

What I get the most compliments on with my music, is usually how melodic my songs are (starting by praising yourself, Antoine, really?!)

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I was actually curious to know what part of my melodic writing was instinctive and what part I learned in my studies (hint: very little of it was instinct).  

So, as a refresher, I researched to see what currently were the methods taught online to write melodies.

I found there are basically 4 different approaches to learn how to craft memorable melodies online:


It’s either:

  1. In the form of videos or blog posts titled ‘Top 6 Tips to Write Memorable Melodies’, that contain overly simplistic advice like ‘use rhythms’ and ‘trust your ears’. (No depth.)

  2. With a piano roll, taught by EDM producers, literally drawing notes manually in a software (but I want to make music, not draw!)

  3. Very academic through the study of counterpoints and going all the way back through the baroque era (ugh.)

  4. With a top down view of a piano, analysing a movie music theme at a surface level. You just get one isolated example, without the big picture. You’ll be stuck as soon as you want to write in a different area, scale, tempo or key. (the ideas stay stuck at the theory stage)
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There is no way you can understand the fundamentals of creating great melodies this way…


At best you’ll learn vague concepts - at worst it’s going to be a giant waste of time.

But most importantly: it’s not fun, and it doesn’t feel like making music.

What if you want to write memorable melodies, without having to:

  • Be a music theory junky
  • Use cheesy synths and draw notes on a piano roll in a recording software
  • Learn how to read sheet music and know the entire history of music
  • Spend all this time learning without making progress because you don’t even have a guitar in your hands

Fortunately, all of these methods are almost the complete opposite of what I’m doing to write my own melodies.


With my own method, you won’t need to draw notes, learn how to read sheet music, learn dozens of scale positions…

You’ll only need:

  • 2 simple scale positions (one Major, one minor)
  • Learning the art of making a strong motif and expanding on it

That’s it. No gimmicks. Only what matters.

With that, you can create awesome melodies using timeless principles, with your guitar in hands, getting your hands dirty and actually feeling like you’re making music (because you will!)

And it’s with that method in mind, made by a guitarist for guitarists, that I created my brand new course.


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The simple, effective, no non-sense method to learn how to create memorable guitar melodies that will get stuck in people’s heads.

In this course, we will go very in depth by studying how to make great motifs, and I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to expand, structure and improve those motifs to stretch them out into awesome melodies!

  • Anyone can start small and learn these simple principles.

  • Any guitar player can follow this course, because I’m only using tabs and simplifying the concepts like crazy!

  • Those are skills that will allow you to go deep and write beautiful melodies in any situation (even in other styles if you want!)

Here’s a sneak peek of what you'll learn in Remarkable Melodies...


Module 1 – Music Theory Basics

  • The #1 rule of melodies and why most movie music melodies are following this rule.

  • The simplest Major and minor scale shapes to write melodies with.

  • Crash course on intervals, note functions and chord harmonization (the only things you will need to write your melodies, nothing more)

Module 2 – Creating Motifs

  • What are motifs and why are they the best foundation to any melody?

  • The 3 S’s of melodic curves and how they create very balanced motifs when used properly together.

  • How to create rhythmic and melodic cells combinations to make a motif stickier.

  • Expressiveness through articulations and phrasings (to make your motifs specifically with the strengths of electric guitar in mind).

Module 3 – Structuring and Expanding on Motifs

  • Motif development: 7 powerful ways to expand on your motifs.

  • 5 cadences that influence where your melody is going (and how to resolve on each one)

  • The ABAC structure: my favorite way to structure my ambient guitar melodies (and why it works so well)

  • The role of silence and simplicity in melodies.


Module 4 – Deep Dive on Harmony (connecting chords and melody together)

  • Method #1: Starting with a chord progression and writing a melody on top.

  • Method #2: Starting with a melody and writing chords underneath it.

  • Method #3: Writing a chord-melody.

  • How to use appoggiaturas and embellishments to make your melodies very emotional (like the pros do).


Module 5 – Songs Analysis

  • Analysing the melody from ‘’Ambient Guitar Song – Always There For You’’.

  • Analysing the melody from ‘’Ambient Guitar Song – Translucent’’.

  • Analysing the melody from ‘’Ambient Guitar Song – Childhood Memories’’.

Module 6 – Crafting Melodies

  • Crafting a melody in Major (recap of all elements in this course).

  • Crafting a chord-melody in minor (recap of all elements in this course).

  • 4 pieces of advice to keep improving your melodies.

This course gives you all the elements you need, no fluff, to develop a strong foundation and start writing the best melodies you’ve ever written, for many many years!

No more quick tips and cutting corners: we go straight to what’s essential.

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Don't forget, it's completely risk free!

I know Remarkable Melodies will help you write outstanding melodies and give you all the foundations to be an exceptional melodic writer!

And if you feel like I don’t deliver on that promise, in any way, then I don’t deserve your money. It’s that simple.

If you are not satisfied, simply send me a quick email asking for a refund up to 60 days after purchase, and I will send you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. Just a big smile, and thanking you for giving this course a try :-)

Also, I added a very nice bonus section in the course:  

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4 Extra Melodic Trainings

I added 4 additional trainings to go further with your melodies once you master the basics.

You would have access to all of 4 of these trainings for free with your purchase of Remarkable Melodies today!

  • BONUS TRAINING 1: Three Techniques To Make Melodies Pop Out More In Your Songs

  • BONUS TRAINING 2: How To Chordify Melodies (sustaining melodies by creating micro chords out of them)

  • BONUS TRAINING 3: How To Create Effective Counter Melodies

  • BONUS TRAINING 4: A Fun Game To Play To Help You Break Out Of Scale Patterns When Writing Melodies
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So here’s what you're getting:

  • Remarkable Melodies online course (6 modules) teaching you all the foundations to write outstanding guitar melodies

  • BONUS: 4 bonus trainings on how to make your melodies pop out more, how to chordify melodies, how to create effective counter melodies and how to break out of scale patterns when writing. 


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Get Instant Access To Remarkable Melodies!


A good melody is powerful...

- This is what creates earworms.

- This is what we hum when we come out of the movies.

- This is what makes our songs memorable and iconic.

- This is what makes the difference between a song people will never go back to, and a song they will put on repeat for the rest of their life.

Hopefully, you want your songs to be the latter.

You have 2 choices here:

1 – Miss out and decide to educate yourself solely with those ‘’Top 9’’ blog posts telling you to trust your ears and use rhythms. And watch those EDM producers write notes with a pencil tool in a software. And just wing it with your melodies.

2 – Enroll in my course risk free, learn the foundations on how to craft remarkable melodies and make your songs stand out with unforgettable melodies that your listeners will love!

You can do this! I will be there to coach you every step of the way :-)

See you inside,


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  • 4 bonus melodic trainings