Learn how to get crisp and pristine sounding recordings for your ambient guitar songs, even if you have never recorded before

Discover all the recording and mixing techniques you need to record high quality ambient guitar music from home.


Antoine Michaud

Hi I’m Antoine Michaud - ambient guitar artist on Youtube, touring musician for Canadian progressive rock band Mystery, and founder of Ambient Guitar Academy.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while trying to record your ambient guitar music?

If any of those statements resonate with you, you probably are!

  • You would like to record ambient guitar songs, but you know nothing about recording and mixing (and it's overwhelming).
  • You once tried recording your guitar, but failed at it and wish it was easier.
  • You are often trying to record your music, but it just sounds awful to you and you don't know what's wrong.
  • If only you had the same audio quality as Antoine on Youtube you would be much more confident to release your own music.

Recording the crappy audio of your phone is not good enough.

If you want your music to sound good when you share it with others, we all know that the microphones from our phones or cameras are of poor quality to capture music. You can't use that if you want your music to sound great.

There are contradictions in the audio recording and mixing space

1 -
Most posts are sponsored
, whether it's on blogs, Youtube videos or websites. The companies want you to buy their gear, the audio teachers want you to purchase equipment through their affiliate links and so on. The more you search for what to buy on forums and websites, the more confused you get by the recommandations and all the options. 

2 - There is a thousand ways to approach recording music. All of them are valid in their own way. But the more you consume content, the more you are exposed to contrasting methods.

'''Analog summing is the way to get the best recording sound!''

''Digital is better than analog these days!''

''Stock plugins are good!''

''Stock plugins are crap!''

3 - People overcomplicate recording & mixingThere are just a few things you have to master if you want great recordings and mixes. Most audio teachers who got degrees are so excited to talk about all those fancy techniques, but this is not what we need to record our ambient songs. 

What's the point of learning more advanced techniques? We just want to simply record a track!

4 - No one talks about recording for ambient guitarThey will show you how to record drums, and vocals, but again, this is not what you're looking for! What about, specifically for ambient?

... And this is exactly why I made my course:
Recording & Mixing for Ambient Guitar. 

This course is a comprehensive beginner's guide to quickly get the basics of recording & mixing ambient guitar songs. 

  • I give you my gear recommandations unsponsored. Just what I've been using for years. 
  • I show you a curated way to record and mix. If you like the sound I get on Youtube, you can trust that I will deliver good advice for your needs. 
  • I teach this stuff so a 5 year-old could understand it. I simplified recording to the very essentials so you'll never get overwhelmed.
  • This advice applies specifically to ambient guitar music! 

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Course Curriculum

Module 1 - The Necessary Gear

1.1◾️ What is an Audio Interface? (and why do you absolutely need one)
1.2◾️ Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
1.3◾️ Real amplifiers vs. amp simulation - Which one to choose?
1.4◾️ Types of microphones needed
1.5◾️ The studio monitors (and why they are different from regular speakers)
1.6◾️ Types of headphones needed
1.7◾️ Difference between types of cables (balanced and unbalanced - TS, TRS, XLR)

Module 2 - Set-up & Recording Techniques

2.1◾️ Where to plug every single cable: re-wiring my whole studio to show you exactly where to connect every piece of gear
2.2◾️ Setting up your devices & routing in your DAW (and covering all troubleshooting situations)
2.3◾️ Mic placement in front of the amps (critical part to your sound)
2.4◾️ The optimal level of your amplifiers & gain staging
2.5◾️ My best tip to get complete control of your stereo volume balance
2.6◾️ Bits and sample rates settings

Module 3 - Recording Session

3.1◾️ Never forget what the recording phase is all about
3.2◾️ Multitracking: do not make this mistake to avoid feedback loops
3.3◾️ 3 crucial tips to minimize noise during recording
3.4◾️ Performance of the ambient song we will mix on Module 4

Module 4 - Mixing Techniques

4.1◾️ Noise reduction plugin
4.2◾️ Bus mixing & session management
4.3◾️ EQ, Panning, Phase & Volume Balance
4.4◾️ Compression for ambient guitar
4.5◾️ Additional time-based effects
4.6◾️ Understanding and Using Automation
4.7◾️ Pseudo-Mastering Phase (Limiter, dithering and export)


 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

Image result for 60 days money back guarantee

My course guarantee is very simple:

  • You get 60 days to watch the course, and if you are not happy with your purchase, send me a quick email and I’ll send you a full refund.

  • You don’t need to justify why you didn’t like it. Just ask for the refund and you’ll get it. No questions asked, no endless chains of emails, no need to give proofs that you did the work. That’s how I would personally like to get a refund myself, so that's what I offer!

  • That makes the purchase risk-free, because you have an easy way out if it ends up not being the right fit. I put all the risk on myself so that you don’t have to take any risks.

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I teach using Cubase in this course, but you can use whatever software you already have. All the basic functions and stock plugins used are also included in any other recording software.

Absolutely! This course is made for beginners who have never recorded before. If you don't even have a recording software, audio interface or microphones, I talk about them in the first module, and you can plan your purchases off of my real unsponsored recommandations. 

I have many great videos in this course on essential principles to improve your sound (microphone placement, gain staging, optimal amp volumes, stereo balance tips, techniques to minimize noise, small EQ moves), so even if the content of this course remains for beginners, you can still learn a ton of useful tips on how to get a great ambient guitar recording sound!

No. I show MY method of recording ambient guitar songs on Youtube, which is through recording real amps and pedals. I only talk very briefly about using amp simulation.

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Recording & Mixing Course


Module 1: The Necessary Gear

Module 2: Recording Set-Up & Techniques

Module 3: Recording Session

Module 4: Mixing techniques


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