Melodic Stretching & Finger Independence

Are you tired of guitar exercises based on symmetrical shapes that sound awful and random?

Melodic Stretching & Finger Independence is a collection of short lessons with 30 stretching exercises that have been crafted to play real melodic music while practicing!

Here's what's included:

  • LESSON 1: Correct-hand placement to highly improve your stretching technique

  • LESSON 2What to do if you have small hands to still make massive progress on stretches

  • Melodic Stretching Vol.1 - 10 exercises (easy)

  • Melodic Stretching Vol.2  - 10 exercises (medium)

  • Melodic Stretching Vol.3  - 10 exercises (hard)

  • Downloadable tabs and chord charts of all 30 exercises included.

*Comes with my usual 100%, 60-days money back guarantee, no questions asked. 

Now that I have completed the Melodic Streching & Finger Independence Vol.1 Program, I have noticed positive changes in the way that I approach the fretboard when fretting songs or chords that I have been playing / learning for quite some time now. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a very well structured and fun approach to finger stretching and warm-up exercises.

Jordan Tudor, student.

$60.00 USD