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Learn all the songwriting methods, production processes & promotional strategies to successfully self-produce your very own high quality EP or album from home (without being overwhelmed & without having to pay thousands of dollars to outsource all steps of the project)


Antoine Michaud

Hi I’m Antoine Michaud - ambient guitar artist on Youtube, touring musician for Canadian progressive rock band Mystery, and founder of Ambient Guitar Academy.

They say we live in the best era to produce music. But are we really?

Being an artist has now become incredibly simple: everyone can buy entry level equipment, build a home studio and share their music with the world online.

While it is very SIMPLE (make music and share it online), it is also very DIFFICULT because it is asking us to wear so many different hats.

A few decades earlier, artists only had to concentrate their efforts on playing their instruments.

They had:

  • A label
  • A team of engineers
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Producers
  • PR people
  • Assistants

….to take care of everything else.

Nowadays, producing an album at home demands us to be ''Jacks of all trades, masters of none''.


Doing the songwriting, arrangements, recording, editing, mixing, promotion & album art ourselves.

And so two things happen because of that…

1 – People try to release music anyways, but the product is of poor quality and does not get noticed (of course, because they're not masters at all of these tasks!). They feel discouraged because:

- Songs go nowhere
- Production sounds thin
- Album is badly edited
- Cover art looks cheap
- Marketing strategies are ineffective

2 – Most people never go through it. They get stuck at one step of the project and abandon the ship.

Are one of those… you?

What if you could get unstuck every step of the way while making your album?

What if you knew exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it during the whole process to get a professional result?

  • Not inspired to write song ideas? No problem, here are 5 powerful ways to write original song ideas.

  • Can’t complete your song beyond that first little snippet? Here’s exactly how to complete your song skeletons.

  • Your songs sound shaky, not as tight as professional releases? There you go – all the exact methods to edit and clean out your tracks.

  • Don’t know how to make a great professional looking cover art? There it is – how to get a professional album art made for you in 5 days (and also how to make it by yourself for free with no prior experience in design).

I have been producing full length albums for more than a decade now through my artist name Monochrome Seasons.

With each of my 6 full length albums, I improved my skills and refined the process of self-producing an album from home.

And I’m now ready to share that whole blueprint with you, because…

That beautiful music in your head deserves to be released this year.

That’s why I made this full online course...


The incredible online course that gives you a clear plan of what to do every single month to self-produce your own high quality EP or album from home in less than 6 months (without having to pay thousands of dollars to outsource all steps of the project – say goodbye to unproductivity and hello to creativity!)

Here’s what’s included in 6 Months Album Production Blueprint:

In the course, I’m going to walk you through all steps of the process of creating an album in under 6 months, with one big theme every month.

Month 1 – Conceptualization

  • Month 1 Roadmap: What to Do This Month (Conceptual Phase)
  • The Controversial Songwriting Task To Do That Will Give You Infinite Inspiration To Write Music (but only if you do it the right way!)
  • The Mega Album Planning Session (The Key Is To Separate Organization From Creation!) 

Month 2 – Song Ideas & Rough Drafts

  • Month 2 RoadmapWhat to Do This Month (Writing Song Ideas)
  • What I Do Every Single Time To Work On The Pacing Of My Album And Save HOURS Of Work!
  • How To Beat Writer’s Block: The Power of Song Starters (Full Masterclass)
  • 5 Powerful Ways To Complete Your Small Song Ideas & Make Full Songs
  • Walking You Through On How To Make A Full Song Skeleton

Month 3 – Recording

  • Month 3 RoadmapWhat to Do This Month (Recording Phase)
  • Stop Procrastination: The Strategy I Used For Years To Get Some Work Done On My Album Even When Coming Back From Work Exhausted
  • All The Equipment You Need To Record High Quality Tracks At Home (it’s a lot less than you think!)
  • 2 Crucial Tasks To Do That Will Speed Up Your Workflow Tremendously While Recording
  • Come With Me During A Recording Session For My Album!

Month 4 – Editing & Sweetening

  • Month 4 RoadmapWhat to Do This Month (Editing & Sweetening Phase)
  • 3 Editing Tasks To Clean Up Your Tracks For A Professional Feel
  • What Is ‘’Sweetening’’ And How It Will Greatly Enhance The Quality Of Your Songs (Full Masterclass)
  • Where To Find Sound Samples Free Of Rights To Use In Your Songs (Avoid Legal Issues!)

Month 5 – Mixing & Mastering

  • Month 5 RoadmapWhat to Do This Month (Mixing & Mastering Phase)
  • Do These 2 Things And Your Mixes Will Always Sound Great (simplifying mixing your music like crazy!)
  • How To Do The Mastering Of Your Own Music At Home – On A Single Song & A Full Album (Full Masterclass)
  • 3 Ways To Find A Mastering Engineer That Is The Perfect Match To Work On Your Album

Month 6 – Planning The Release

  • Month 6 Roadmap What to Do This Month (Planning The Release)
  • How To Get A Professional Album Artwork Designed For You Under 5 Days (I LOVED The Results!)
  • Wanna Cut Costs? Here’s How To Design Your Own Album Cover By Yourself For FREE (no prior design experience needed)
  • How To Use All The Tools Of Your Bandcamp Page To Sell More Music Each Time & Have A More Professional Look
  • How To Distribute Your Album EVERYWHERE on Internet in 1 Simple Step (ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and a dozen more)
  • Crowdfunding: Case Study Of My Campaign Reaching 222% Over Funding Goal (Even If I Didn’t Have A Big Audience Back Then!)

Month 7 – Publish & Celebrate!

  • Month 7 Roadmap: Publish & Celebrate
  • You Can Share Your Album With The Other Students!

It is crazy how expensive it was to produce an album. I’m not talking 50 years ago, but until very recently!

Rick Beato said in this video that they spent $483 000 for a record (and that was almost in the years 2000's - very recently!)

Making music shouldn’t cost six figures, not even thousands. It should be accessible to all creative people who want to express themselves.

So I decided to distill all my experience of self-producing my albums in a highly actionable online course...

And that's why you can get access to 6 Months Album Production Blueprint instantly for only one payment of $197

Click below to join!



 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

Image result for 60 days money back guarantee

My course guarantee is very simple:

  • You get 60 days to watch the course, and if you are not happy with your purchase, send me a quick email and I’ll send you a full refund.

  • You don’t need to justify why you didn’t like it. Just ask for the refund and you’ll get it. No questions asked, no endless chains of emails, no need to give proofs that you did the work. That’s how I would personally like to get a refund myself, so that's what I offer!

  • That makes the purchase risk-free, because you have an easy way out if it ends up not being the right fit. I put all the risk on myself so that you don’t have to take any risks.

I hope that's fair to you :-)

Also - I included an exclusive bonus...

BONUS: You get an extra full 47-min masterclass on programming virtual drums.

If (like I was) you have no space in your house to record a full drum kit, and don’t know where to start to program realistic sounding virtual drums, you are in luck…

I added a full 47 minutes masterclass as a bonus on how to write and produce realistic virtual drums in your songs.

We cover:

  • The 3 Fundamental Elements of Drum Grooves
  • How To Use Approach Notes & Anticipation For More Varied Drum Grooves
  • How To Humanize Virtual Drum Samples
  • 2 Methods To Create Realistic Virtual Drum Parts In Your Software (Programming & Finger-Drumming On A MIDI Keyboard)
  • How To Edit Your Drum Tracks & Use Quantization Features

You won’t ever be overwhelmed by drums if ever you want to add some to your songs!

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Don’t delay making your album any longer because you don’t know how to do one thing.

We’re going to apply the ‘’Just In Time Learning’’ technique together.

Even though you might not know how to edit tracks, make an album cover or even write full fledged songs, I’m going to show you one thing at a time – it’s going to be super practical, super actionable!

Without my course: you’ll keep postponing making your album. You'll be stuck and spend months or years on the same step. You'll be discouraged.

And that’s not what I want for you!

With my course: you’ll know exactly WHAT to do and HOW do to it every single month, from concept to finished product.

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Get Instant Access To 6 Months Album Production Blueprint

6 Months Album Production Blueprint


  • The full 6h online course 6 Months Album Production Blueprint
  • Full workbook of the course detailing step-by-step what to do each month (with checklists)
  • BONUS: full 47 min masterclass on how to program realistic virtual drums.